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Having the door of the living room in East or North brings wealth, health and overall progress. South, North-East or South-East entrance indicates success but then it takes lot of hard work to achieve. West entrance is good for scholars and researchers.

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This is the place to hang your most lovely artwork, put a graceful table beneath it. Arrange an attractive floral arrangement (silk is fine) with ornamental objects that are pleasing. If there is no room for any furniture , you can hang a shallow shelf.

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Like any other room of the home entrance/the hallway you hit when you walk through the door it may be a hidden nook or a staircase landing, it is important not to waste the space and it can be streamlined with hallway furniture . Whether Hallway is too.

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Vastu Shastra is about attracting positive energies, make sure everything in your home emits and attracts positivity. Preferably, choose homes that ... Use soothing colours in your bedroom, for walls as well as soft furnishings . Keep a couple of happy.

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Tulsi in the north, north east or eastern side of the house is considered auspicious. Money Plant brings ... Vastu Shastra also advocates growing lemon, lotus and jasmine. ... Vastu Shashtra says that you should not even place footwear under the bed.

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The prime most thing to take care of is Colours – whether it is on walls, on curtains, on furniture ... since clean and organised home is the key to attract riches and prosperity. Documented research in Vastu Shastra has revealed amazing facts.

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Clothes of colours of your preference can be worn. Carpeting, furniture and curtains with different colours of your preference can be used. Hetal Doshi – Vastu and Feng Shui expert at is an online Vastu Advisory.

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Heavy furniture should not be kept in the middle of the House , as it is the Brahmasthan and needs to be kept as empty as possible. - The colour blue has cooling qualities. A night bulb emanating soft blue light in the night would be very calming.

Vaastu tips for positivity in the living room - Times of India
Whether you have a modern house or a traditional one, living rooms are the most common part of it for the simple reason that man is a social animal by nature, therefore he needs a place which he can call as a place of gathering - where he can socialize.

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Add much sparkle and zest to your house using Vastu tips Naturally, you want a bright, happy home! In there ... Use the ancient wisdom of the Vastu Shastra to learn the use of colours, artefacts; even plants to beautify and raise house energy levels.

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Before the festival of Diwali , Ganesha says, throw away all unwanted and useless items that have been lying around in the house and create some space for the new. As per the Vastu Shastra , the front door is related to opportunities. Therefore, make.

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